Nobody died from contradictions


death of a social machine

has never been heralded                                     by a disharmony or a

dysfunction; on the contrary, social m

achines make a habit of feeding on

the contradictions               they give                 rise to,                                              

on the crises                                   they provoke, on the anxieties

they engender,

and on the infernal oper

ations they regenerate.

       Capitalism has

         learned this,

           and has



ceased      doubting itself, while



socialists have abandoned                                          belief in                     the possibility of                                     capitalism’s                            natural

death by attrition.    No one has ever

died from contradictions. And the

                   more it breaks down,

the more it schizophrenizes,

the better it works, the

                                       American way.

Deleuze and Guattari: Savages, barbarians, civilized men



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