To τέλος ενός καλοκαιριού (# 2)

“Το ωραίο καλοκαίρι” – Τσεζάρε Παβέζε


Το καλοκαίρι τελειώνει πάντα δραματικά. Δεν υπάρχει γιατί. ‘Ισως γιατί δεν φτάνει.

Περίπου έτσι:

Και κυρίως, έτσι:

(το #1 είναι κείμενο στις “Αφηγήσεις”)

_MG_3756   IMG_3994  _MG_4005


One thought on “To τέλος ενός καλοκαιριού (# 2)

  1. “We waited and waited. All of us. Didn’t the shrink know that waiting was one of the things that drove people crazy? People waited all their lives. They waited to live, they waited to die. They waited in line to buy toilet paper. They waited in line for money. And if they didn’t have any money they waited in longer lines. You waited to go to sleep and then you waited to awaken. You waited to get married and you waited to get divorced. You waited for it to rain, you waited for it to stop. You waited to eat and then you waited to eat again. You waited in a shrink’s office with a bunch of psychos and you wondered if you were one.” c.b.

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